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Covid-19 Update: We Wear Masks In All Homes & Take Full Precautions!

Floor Cleaning Services

Oasis offers Floor cleaning services for residential and commercial types.

We use a safe and special cleaning process with no harsh chemicals ever. You can be sure you will be safe in your home or business when you hire Oasis carpet cleaning.

The types of floor cleaning services we offer are:

Up To Date Equipment

Here at Oasis Carpet Cleaning, we make sure our equipment is updated yearly, inspected, and ready to use on any job we perform.

Machines do wear out from daily use and we will always purchase new equipment over keeping old machines running for years.

The reason we also do this is that, with each and every new piece of equipment we buy, they are usually upgraded with the latest and greatest techniques in floor care.

Types Of Floors We Service

Here are the types of floors we service for all our customers, residential and commercial.

If you have a certain type of flooring and do not see it on our list, please feel free to reach out to us.

You want to keep your house clean and smelling good, but you don’t have the time or energy for it.

Our floor cleaning services will help you get rid of all that dirt and grime so you can enjoy a clean home again.

We’ll come out to your house once a week, bi-weekly or monthly depending on what works best for your schedule. All you need to do is pick up around the house before we arrive and relax while we do the dirty work!

A lot of people want to clean their own floors but don’t have the time or money to buy all of the necessary cleaning supplies.

Our professional floor cleaning services will make your home feel like new again! We use safe and effective cleaning solutions that are designed for all different types of floors, including hardwood, tile, carpeting and more.

Our technicians will come out to your house on a regular basis (at least once per month) so you can get back to enjoying your life instead of worrying about keeping up with household chores. In addition, we offer affordable rates so you won’t need to sacrifice quality when it comes time for our service providers to come out and do an excellent job!

Cleaning the floors can be a pain. 

It’s not fun to clean your own house, now is it?  Our floor cleaning services will make sure you get a good night sleep in a clean and fresh smelling home!