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Rug Cleaning Services

Oasis also offers rug cleaning services that are 2nd to none. We can clean any rug in your home or business anytime.  Many of our customers have been with us for years and they highly recommend our carpet cleaning services.

One of the biggest problems with area rugs is they tend to trap dirt and allergens and should be cleaned regularly.

Of course how often depends on how my foot traffic the rugs sees. We can help you determine a regular cleaning schedule once our experts evaluate your situation and perform carpet stain removal services also.

Types Of Rugs We Service

Oasis cleaners can handle just about any type of area rug you have. If you do have a special type of rug, please call us and let us know so we can make special arraignments with you.

Type of rugs we usually service is, oriental, most natural types, wool, cotton, jute, nylon, synthetic, olefin, nylon, animal prints, border, coastal, distressed, chevron, lodge types, shag, any fine rug, and solids.

Restoration Of Your Upholstery House & Car

We can restore chairs or any other chair types around your house with our furniture cleaning services, in the home you may have with upholstery cleaning. We provide removal of any dirt and grime that may be embedded.  We can also car carpet cleaning services also.  

Organic Cleaning

We never use any bad chemicals that can harm your home or the environment. We use a friendly dirt removal process that will surprise you by the results. This is a process that produces quality results.

Professionally Trained Staff

We make sure our staff is always up to date with everything they do. We make sure the become an expert at our office and equipment. This is shown by the results they produce at our customer locations.

Commercial Rug Cleaning

We can also handle commercial rugs as well. Commercial environments can be harsh and many times unforgiving. Sometimes it takes more than just one person. This is why we get the job done right for our clients. There can be stains and water to work with.

Damage Restoration

Many cleaning services really don’t have what it can take to clean up after damage. There can be water damage on your fabric or might even look to be worse.

We offer our professional reasonable solutions that have your back when it comes to cleaning.